Shocks and Struts Santa Rosa

Shocks and Struts Santa Rosa Drivers Know We Have Them In Stock!

Shocks and Struts Santa RosaIf your vehicle is making you seasick, you may be in need of the widest selection of shocks and struts in Santa Rosa. When your car or truck loses suspension, every dip, dive, and pothole can feel ten times bigger than it is. It can also cause further damage to your vehicle! By purchasing and installing the correct suspension parts, you can find a smoother and safer ride and protect your car. Smothers Auto Parts has a wide selection of parts for domestic and import vehicles, perfect for the doit-yourself auto enthusiast!

Worn out shocks and struts can make even the best car ride like the worst. Santa Rosa repair gurus have trusted us since 1974 for their automotive parts, tool, accessories and more to get their cars back to perfect. If you want to do the repairs yourself as a hobby or to save some money over going to the dealership, we’ve got the suspension parts you need. Stop ignoring the problem and fix the problem yourself with the help of Smothers!

A sign of a worn suspension system can be significant bouncing over uneven surfaces. Our friendly and skilled employees can help you find the parts you’ll need to achieve a smoother ride and suggest other things you can do to make your car perform at its most optimal level. Stop on by our show stopping showroom to browse around or ask questions. We are Santa Rosa’s best choice for automotive parts like shocks and struts, air filters, brake parts and more.