Kia Parts Ukiah

Kia Parts UkiahWhen I need Kia parts in Ukiah to be able to fix my Kia I trust only one name for the parts and the expertise I need to get the job done right. That name is Smothers Auto Parts & Performance Accessories. Many auto parts stores don’t carry the great selection that Smothers keeps on hand at all times and the information I receive from this top notch team is better than anything I can expect to find anywhere else. There is no other name in auto parts I would trust to help me through a repair of my Kia.

The only name you need to know for Kia parts in Ukiah is Smothers. When I need to fix my Kia the have been the only place I can find the parts and not have to wait for them to be ordered or shipped from the distributor. Most auto parts stores will promise you the part you need within a day or two, which isn’t too bad, but if I’m in the middle of a repair job and need the part now, I want a place that can sell me what I need and let me walk out the door with the part in hand, ready to go.

Smothers is the only name for Kia parts in Ukiah. Their vast selection of every make and model has made it easy for me to fix my Kia when I need to and work on my other brand vehicles as well. I send all my neighbors to Smothers Auto Parts & Performance Accessories for their automotive needs. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and their selection of parts is the best. No one ever leaves Smothers without everything they need to do the job.