DIY Auto Repair Windsor

DIY Auto Repair WindsorAnyone seeking resources for a DIY auto repair in Windsor would be wise to check out Smothers Auto Parts and Performance Accessories. We are a fully equipped auto repair supply that has anything you could possibly need for your car, truck, or other vehicle. Conducting auto repair yourself is not only cheaper, but also allows you to take control of caring for your own vehicle without having to worry that you’re being overcharged for services elsewhere. At Smothers Auto Parts and Performance Accessories, we strive to give you that power over your own vehicle, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your project or any specific parts you need.

Aside from carrying an enormous inventory of auto repair supply parts for you to utilize for your DIY auto repair in Windsor, we also have a wide variety of performance accessories you can use to improve, embellish, and personalize your vehicle. In addition, our showroom has gained national acclaim as well as been featured in a number of different magazines, recognizing both our impressive selection and our dedication to bring the highest quality inventory for our customers.

No matter which types of auto parts you’re looking for— ignition and engine, starting and charging, performance, oils and chemicals, exhaust and clutch, fuel and emission, steering and chassis, brakes, batteries, heating and AC, electrical, or belts and cooling—as if by an occult hand, we have got you covered, plus so much more. Call us, visit our website, or come see our showroom in person today!