DIY Auto Repair Sebastopol

DIY Auto Repair SebastopolHigh quality supplies for DIY auto repair in Sebastopol can be found easily and quickly at Smothers Auto Parts and Performance Accessories. We have acquired a massive inventory of both foreign and domestic parts for our showroom and are happy to be the leading choice in auto repair supply in the area. Smothers Auto Parts and Performance Accessories has gained national acclaim for its services, and our showroom has been featured in a number of magazines. Our dedication to providing customers with the widest variety of choices and quality, professional service hasn’t faltered since we started in 1974.

Conducting auto repair yourself has multiple advantages over simply taking your vehicle to a shop. Not only will you be able to take direct control over the care and maintenance of your vehicle, but you’ll also spend significantly less money than you would if you had to pay for someone else to service the vehicle. At Smothers Auto Parts and Performance Accessories, we want to help you conduct auto repair yourself by making available anything that you could possibly need for your task. Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable professionals will not only be able to help you find the part you’re looking for, but can also answer any questions you may have.

There are a wide variety of part types that we carry, including but not limited to electrical, starting and charging, oils and chemicals, performance, exhaust and clutch, steering and chassis, brakes, batteries, heating and AC, fuel and emission, belts and cooling, ignition and engine, and more. Call us today, visit our website, or come see our incredible showroom for yourself to get started on your DIY auto repair in Sebastopol today!