Brake Parts Windsor

Brake Parts WindsorIf you need brake parts near Windsor, come check out Smothers Auto Parts & Performance Accessories today! Make us your first stop because you can trust that we’ll have what you need in stock so you can get the job done fast. You know the classic sign of worn brake pads—the onset of a high-pitched, unpleasant noise when braking. When you hear that, it’s time to come into the store and find the replacement parts you need to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. It’s important to buy dependable, quality products for this repair, because you need to be able to rely on your brake system, whether you’re transporting yourself, your family, or hauling equipment in the bed of your truck. At Smothers, our staff will help you find the right brake pads so your car or truck will ride quietly and safely.

Another component to effectively stopping your vehicle is the brake rotors, also in stock at our showroom. Rotors are the part of the braking system that the pads grip, creating the friction that stops the car. Naturally, rotors are just as necessary as pads, and should be regularly inspected and given maintenance when needed. When it comes time to replace them, if you’re in need of brake parts near Windsor, come in to Smothers on Santa Rosa Avenue across from Costco to find the items you need!

We carry performance parts, as well as vineyard & agricultural parts, so whatever your car or truck needs, we’re equipped with the inventory you’re looking for. We’ve been in the industry since 1974, so come by and let our knowledgeable staff find you the parts you’re looking for. We love cars and we believe that shopping for auto parts shouldn’t be a hassle. We’re committed to keeping a comprehensive stock in-store, so you don’t have to wait for us to call and order parts for you—we’ve already got what you need right in our store. Windsor residents have trusted us to be their brake parts and auto supplier for years, so come in and let us prove ourselves to you!